The Big-Bang …

And then it happened. Like many of you, I too had the privilege of watching the live telecast of the new-age big-bang–the birth of World Wide Web! With Internet came the promise of a future that would change the way global business is transacted. As Netizens, we had the advantage over a commoner in previewing the future. So if you were a geeky ambitious breed, the timing was opportune to announce your arrival. You see, in every industry there are short bursts of immense excitement followed by excruciating long periods of boredom. The trick is to identify those exciting moments before the tiny window of opportunity seals off. Looking back, I am no longer sure whether the guiding force was a freak stroke of genius or a reckless act of gallantry. Regardless of the trigger, I decided to jump the bandwagon of bounty hunters in the great gold rush of mid-nineties.

Google the following four key words “opportunity knock open door”, and then try capturing the results. The chances are that you will end up scrolling for the next few days to exhaust all the wonderful matches. Hundred-thousand-plus people have improvised on the variations of the above adage! Here is hundred-thousand-plus PLUS one: There is a reason why very few doors open when opportunity knocks. You see, these doors are locked–so one needs a key to open them. And that key is ‘learning to listen’ to the soft knock of the opportunity!


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