The First Turbulence…

As soon as the operations came up and the initial quartet of employees reported for the first day of work, I called up my partner “uncle” to share the good news. He sweetly told me “I am no longer interested.” Just like that. I asked him the reason for the 180 degree turn! He said that because Microsoft is coming up with a browser, the market is going to get too hot. So I proposed reconsideration on the choice of product to be developed. He politely repeated “I am no longer interested.” And there I was—stuck with an initial investment, and the business partner walking out on the very day the company was being launched! Fortunately, I still had reasonable personal savings left after the initial setup expenses; so I decided not to call it a day—it was too early in the game to pull down the shutter…

Perhaps the professional world would be a more peaceful place if everyone thought a zillion times before entering into partnerships,—especially with someone not too close! Starting a business all on your own has a very lonely and restricted budgetary flavor—there is a pseudo sense of perceived security and larger targets when you join hands. Somehow startups keep falling into this mind trap—interestingly, many don’t even undertake proper paperwork before entering into fragile trust-based partnerships!


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  1. Wondering, What next came up??

  2. There are many lessons that can be learnt from this article/blog entry for an aspiring entrepreneur.
    Also, the ‘level’ of trust to be kept on anyone should be thought zillion times.
    Good blog entry.

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